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Red Balloon

The school that pioneered teaching English to children and teens

Founded in 1969, Red Balloon’s mission is to provide the best English learning experience for children and teens, and to be a sustainable business model for everyone. We are. an exclusive school for students from 3 to 17 years old that respects and makes the most of students’ potential and creativity.

In addition to language skills, our commitment is to inspire our students to become better citizens.

With our exclusive, gentle, consistent and playful methodology , we make learning natural so that the student learns to learn. Our strategies involve full immersion in English, growth mindset, positive discipline and student-centered projects.

We are proud to have a network of franchisee partners throughout Brazil. Red Balloon is celebrating 55 years of a successful journey, and keeps up to date so as to ensure our students to achieve great learning results!

We are more than 20 thousand Ballooners throughout Brazil!


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Why choose Red Balloon

Before we partner with a new franchisee, we offer close support in choosing the franchise location, in addition to conducting  detailed analyses of the potential market, creation of the franchise’s DRE model, promoting interviews for alignment with key Red Balloon areas and guided tours at a franchise branch.

From the franchise setting up to its day-to-day running, the Red Balloon Franchising team offers close support to franchisees.

What we offer our partners:

Complete guides, manuals and materials for construction and standardization of franchise building branches;

Construction and renovation site monitoring;

Frequent pedagogical trainings with franchisees, coordinators and teachers;

Support in hiring teachers and pedagogical-coordinators;

Training, guides and marketing pieces to promote the
franchise branch;

Access to platforms and specific training to use them.

And much more!

Our numbers

9 out of 10 families recommend our school

Around 85% of retention rate

LTV (Lifetime Value) greater than 5.5 years

+90% pass rates on the Cambridge exams

The Red Balloon methodology

Our weekly workload ranges from 3 to 20 hours and our classes have a maximum of 13 students. This ensures that Red Balloon students have more time, space and teacher dedication for learning English!

Our weekly workload ranges from 3 to 20 hours and our classes have a maximum of 13 students. This ensures that Red Balloon students have more time, space and teacher dedication for learning English!

Our instructors teach students to identify and solve problems and to think critically, cooperatively, respectfully and creatively. Thus, we guarantee quality teaching at one of its most important levels. Red Balloon guarantees this teaching through our assistance in the process of hiring and training teachers and coordinators.

Qual o perfil do nosso franqueado

Interesse na área de educação

Disponibilidade de tempo para se dedicar a essa parceria

Espírito empreendedor (determinação, flexibilidade, criatividade, mentalidade de problem solving)

Experiência em liderança de equipes multidisciplinares

Habilidade de lidar com o público

Comprometimento com a gestão e crescimento do negócio

Recursos financeiros para abertura e manutenção da unidade

Veja o que dizem alguns de nossos parceiros:

Investimento e Retorno



Taxa de franquia:

A partir de R$ 50 mil

Lucro Líquido:

em torno de 30% do Faturamento Bruto

Investimento pré-implantação (estimado):

A partir de R$ 500 mil


A partir de 100 alunos


7% do valor da mensalidade


média de 36 meses

Fundos de marketing (sobre faturamento bruto):  

*Fundo Nacional: 2%

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